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You are absolutely gonna love your surprise decor box! 

  We are going to put out a different box once a month! These boxes are going to have neutral items that can easily be worked in to any ones home space! Each box will always have something scented added to it rather it be a candle, wax melt, room sprays, etc and then some decor items! These boxes will let you try stuff you may or may not have ever tried.
 Once a month in the beginning of the month we will put out the link for that months box... if you want one you simply click the link and snag it! No subscription involved. If there is ever a month you don’t want on then that’s your choice! boxes will ship out at the end of every month! So let’s go over that again in steps! 

* surprise decor box link gets posted the first day of the month, each month. 

*snag your box from the link.

*boxes ship out at the end of the month 

it’s that simple!!!!!! 

 Each boxes items are hand selected by Ashley her self! 

(all box items are final sale and can not be returned or exchanged) 

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