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Our RLCO decor boxes are so fun! It’s always a surprise about what’s in side, Just know it will be amazing!
Our Decor boxes will always come with decor curated by Ashley her self, Something yummy smelling.. rather it be a candle etc.    You do not ever have to subscribe . If you want one you just always click the link provided on our FB pages and website to purchase one! The link to the monthly box only stays available for one week during the first week of the month. After that they aren’t available. This gives us the chance to get a box count and get everything in stock for them. All boxes ship out at the end of the month. So you purchase on the beginning of the month and ship at the end of the month! ( don’t forget that!) 

We hope you love your box!!!!! 

* all boxes and items are final sale. There can be no substitutions on any of the items inside.  

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